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Microfluidics. Microscopy. Artificial Intelligence

Microdeep™️ is the first microfluidics microscope allowing continuous measurements of the morphology and concentration of micro-organisms. While we started by focusing on micro algae, all organisms ranging between 1μm and 1mm are possible.

We have designed, manufactured and connected a machine extremely simple to operate, yet completely versatile. This patent pending technology offers three layers in a single, small footprint package: a microscope, a simple fluidic network with two peristaltic pumps (one for the solution to analyze, one for eventual dilution), and electronics to manage the pumps and sensors, capture images and send them to an iPad or a Mac for processing.  


Spirulina Cultures

Chosen as a proof of concept, our first application was developed to enable continuous monitoring of spirulina cultures in bassins and reactors. By counting and analyzing the shape of single strands of spirulina, we are able to compute the concentration, the dry mass equivalent, and the length and diameter of strands.


Your own AI

 Microdeep™️ is not limited to spirulina detection. Actually, we are actively pursuing other species and/or models. Basically, anything that can be seen with a ×10, ×20, ×40 microscope objective can be identified and counted. Microdeep™️ uses state-of-the-art YOLO models for object detection. One can further use our ToolZ app to label data, export them in YOLO format to train a model, and import the resulting model in Microdeep™️. 


Sensors Integration

Spirulina thrives in saline water (pH 10.3-10.5) and temperatures between 25-32℃. We added pH, temperature and a dissolved oxygen sensor to monitor continuously the quality of water. The goal is simple: monitor your medium, conditions, the growth of the algae, and all that is left is to optimize the nutrients.