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Welcome to Zorth!

This company is the new brainchild of Prof. David-A. Mendels, PhD. A Physics and Information Technologies scientist and former CTO at xRapid, he was born in Lyon, France. His interests span a wide range of domains, from Materials Science through to Mobile Technologies. After graduating from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology as a Materials Science engineer and a PhD in polymer physics, he spent 7 years in England, where he created the Nanomaterials Metrology laboratory for the National Physical Laboratory. He wrote several software for nanomaterials and nanotechnology related applications. He also developed a number of utility and early learning apps for iPhone and iPad. He joined a University in Jakarta in 2012, where he developed new activities at the interfaces of the domains of nanotechnology, microtechnology and mobile devices. He co-founded xRapid in 2015, which was started as a malaria and portable health diagnostics company. From that point onwards, he has been fully dedicated to integrating artificial intelligence with image analysis and automation, to lead materials and biological diagnostics. He is involved in various strategic, companies and standards boards. He has authored a dozen patents and more than seventy publications. Prof. Mendels is married with two children, his interests beyond science and technology include Wagner, coffee and cigars.

Now that the bio is out of the way, here are a couple pointers to what we do:

  • the former company, xRapid-Group, has ceased R&D activities for now. We keep maintaining the existing products, but have decided to start a few new groundbreaking activities in another company
  • there was no reason for us to stop doing what we do best: innovate in microscopy and AI and its port to mobile/embedded environments
  • some of the leftovers of our previous company were interesting, perhaps not huge potential money-makers, but we felt they had been dropped without giving the product a chance
  • and, boy, do we love developing new tools, be they hardware, software or an integration of both.

So here we go, back to square one, but not quite: we have developed a huge amount of expertise in computer vision and machine learning for mobile (iOS and iPadOS only) devices. And we intend to continue.

Thank you for your visit and/or interest, keep posted for further announcements, or simply to follow our progress.